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Sanjay Parekh

founder & raconteur

Get advice from Sanjay.

Here’s the deal. You’re busy and need advice. I’m busy and have a lot of obligations. What that means is that I’m not able to get together for coffee / lunch / dinner just to chat / give feedback / read a plan about your startup.

So in order to make sure I spend my time wisely and give you the attention you deserve, I am funneling all requests through You can click the widget on the right in order to schedule a call with me.

Don’t want to pay for my advice? That’s okay, I’ve got another option for you. Check out Advice For Good. Go and do at least an hour of non-profit volunteer work and I’ll be happy to chat and give you advice. Note that your volunteer work can’t be something that you already do, court ordered, etc. This has to be something new and distinct that you did just for this.