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A Band-Aid for the Georgia Angel Tax Credit

The results of usage of the Georgia Angel Tax Credit for 2012 are now in and - surprise! - it isn't getting much better. There is new legislation on the horizon that may improve the use of this tax credit though.


Why the Georgia Angel Tax Credit is Bad Policy

Georgia legislators passed and recently renewed an angel tax credit that is supposed to help increase funding for startups. But is it doing anything other than creating a welfare program for the rich? We'll look at the data to figure this out.

The Future of Startup Fundraising

Why my two minute segment for CNN International on the future of startup fundraising was geared towards the general public and not entrepreneurs.


The Problem With Georgia HB 1069 (Part 2)

A follow up to my initial analysis of Georgia's angel tax credit.

The Problem With Georgia HB 1069 (Part 1)

An initial analysis of what Georgia's angel tax credit really means.