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I regularly recommend products and services I love either directly to people asking me for suggestions or through mediums like the podcast I co-host, Tech Talk Y'all. To make it easy for people to find products I love, I put together this page which I will try to keep updated as I find new great products or remove products if I lose my enthusiasm for them.


  • Backpacks are notoriously hard to secure when you're traveling. We went on a hunt for a better solution and found the well-made and well-designed Pacsafe bags. My personal favorite is the Pacsafe Venturesafe G3 25 Liter backpack.
  • Traveling to another city and want to get great tours? My recommendation is to use the app Get Your Guide. We used this extensively in Spain and were generally happy or ecstatic with the tours. We tried another service (Viator) and were very disappointed with the experience and would recommend avoiding that app.


  • If you have ever had to think about currency conversions or using an ATM in a foreign country, you need to check out the Wise card and account. You get the ability to convert currencies at the going market rate with the lowest possible fees possible. If you have a company working with multiple currencies, Wise supports businesses too to help you reduce your overhead costs.


  • I've been searching for the best bookmarking solution, and I think I've found it with has launched the ability to highlight portions of a page, so when you visit that page again, those same highlights show up again. This has been invaluable for reading articles and quickly finding what I thought was important. also integrates into other apps using Zapier.